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Fall Equinox Full Moon September 26, 2007

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Experiencing the potent, buzzing tension of paradox can be exciting and creative or stressful and chaotic. This full moon in Aries (September 26, at 12:45 pdt), is likely to have you feeling all of this and more as opposite signs and opposite planets interlace with the light and dark polarity of the Equinox. Bringing us a peak awareness of diversity, this fiery Fall Equinox moon evokes: Venus/Mars, war/peace, beauty/strength, alone/together, single/partnered, Spring/Fall, self/other, love/lust, Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti, and hunter/gatherer.

Showcasing the most quintessential expression of masculine and feminine energies, the Libra Sun and Aries moon calls for reflection and awareness of our primary mode of being in the world.
Each of us, no matter what our gender or sexual orientation carry these energies within us, manifesting them in different ways at different times. We may cycle through particularly masculine periods in our lives, and then enter into a more feminine awareness, or come into points of balance between the two. It is a rare individual who is able to hold these two expressions of energy in perfect balance at all times. Noticing what your pattern of male and female expression has been throughout your life and what it is currently, can be a powerful way to work with the present lunar phase.
This moon echoes back to Spring Equinox 2007 (March 21), when the Sun was in Aries and the Moon was in Libra. Reflecting back to your own balance of energies, activities and interests at that time, and noticing how your particular mode of expression has shifted since then can be helpful. Are you experiencing life from a softer more Yin perspective, allowing events to unfold naturally, responding gently and magnetically attracting what you need and want? Or are you taking charge, passionately expressing your desires to others, and fiercely focused on your goals and projects? How have things shifted since the Spring, for you and your community?
The Spring Equinox was a time of new beginnings, when we welcomed the great surge of life force energy into the world, celebrating the fragility and innocence of life. Fall Equinox is a time to honor what has grown since then, to notice the distinct personality and essence that has been shaped through mistakes and victories, and to appreciate the diversity that is inherent in different life forms, as we prepare to enter the darkness once more.
As the great white globe of the moon hangs in the darkness of the Autumn sky, use its light to reflect on the paradox of life that exists within you, witnessing your own inner diversity and honoring the fullness that you bring to life.


One Response to “Fall Equinox Full Moon”

  1. Mike Says:

    Fern…thanks for sharing these great insights with us. Extremely useful!

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