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Generosity and Greed: A Sagittarius Story December 11, 2007

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Generosity and greed. For those of us who grew up celebrating the holidays surrounded by the American religion of consumption, these two words carry a lot of weight. How much to give? How much will we get?

The December stars mirror these questions, with the sign of Sagittarius dominating the planetary landscape. The new moon on December 8 was in Sagittarius and square Uranus, and Jupiter in Sagittarius forms an exact conjunction to Pluto in Sagittarius all this week (December 10-17).

The fiery nature of Sagittarius compels us to expand our lives, our vision and our relationships in an ongoing quest for the essential truth of life. Like the arrow that flies outward, Sagittarius is always seeking, searching and yearning for meaning, experiences and growth. Sagittarius and Jupiter, its ruling planet, offer generosity, luck and opportunity.

When expansion happens without communication and interaction with other people, Sagittarius can deteriorate to the point of meaninglessness. Pomposity, arrogance and rigid social rules are some of the more negative expressions of this over-expansion. Overindulgence, over-consumption, obesity and greed are other shadow Sagittarian expression. Sagittarius needs the energy of Gemini to stay connected with those close by, to keep a finger on the pulse of the day to day, to listen and learn as well as teach.

Over the last ten years or so, as Pluto has transited through Sagittarius we have been experiencing the dark side of this sign. With major changes occurring in our collective experience of: long-distance travel (airlines/flying), higher education, media, faith/fundamentalism and religion. As always with Pluto, we learn through encounters with the shadow side of the sign it is transiting through.

Jupiter expands what it touches, Pluto deepens. With both Pluto and Jupiter near the end of their cycle through Sagittarius, we can expect to see a major impact on our collective reality around Sagittarian themes. When Pluto and Jupiter enter Capricorn at the end of December and early January, we will begin a new journey with the sign of the goat (stay tuned on this blog for updates….).

This new moon offers the opportunity to look ahead to the future to see what Sagittarius is like now that Pluto is moving forward into Capricorn. We are coming to the end of an important cycle and beginning the start of a new one. This next couple of weeks has us paying careful attention to this transition time, noticing what is passing away and what is arriving.

Which Sagittarian themes are alive in your own life? What is your relationship to your faith or religion? What new philosophies or belief systems are you learning about? How are you expanding your activities, embarking on adventures, or interacting with other cultures? How do you express your generous, benevolent self, sharing and giving to others? Or how have you been greedy, indulgent or pompous, expressing the dark side of this energy.

Notice what changes have taken place for you in these areas over the last several years. How have you grown in these areas, what have you let go of, and what do you hope to bring into being?

As we move towards the Solstice, and the darkest time of the year, we have an opportunity to compassionately observe our own way of being in the world, using the inward pull of winter to guide us deeper. As the darkness peaks on the Solstice, began to watch for the gentle light of renewal, the birth of the sun, allowing its warmth to lead us forward into a new year, and a new time. The story of Capricorn will began to shape us in 2008, with Pluto remaining in this sign for the next 10 years or so. This Solstice season, which is marked by the Saturn energy of Capricorn, offers us a brief forecast of the future. Spend time in nature, noticing the changes in the elements, the bare trees, and the quiet hush of winter. This display of Capricorn’s soul in the physical world has subtle mysteries, which will unfold and teach us more about our own relationship to this earth sign energy.

More to come on Capricorn in 2008…….


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