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Seven Generations: Pluto in Capricorn January 9, 2008

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Have you ever found yourself surprised and delighted, when, after a great deal of frustration and struggle with authorities or institutions, you encounter that one person who is more interested in being human than in upholding rules and regulations?

Perhaps you’ve spent hours on the phone listening to obnoxious “muzak”, and being asked again, and again and again, ad nauseum, to “please hold for a customer service representative”. You’ve waited impatiently, muttering to yourself about corporate greed, ready to go postal with the phone, at the end of your rope, when finally, amazingly, a human voice comes on, and actually offers you a bit of kindness, a joke and an apology, and most wonderfully, a little “bending” of the rules in your favor.

Remember your gratitude and relief as you received this offering? Recognizing that what this person was giving you was some small piece of courage and empathy as they broke through that stone wall of rigidity and protocol to offer you compassion and human connection.

So often the natural and most humane act is also the one that most goes against the rules and regulations. This is the action that’s not covered by insurance or policy or protocol. Sometimes it’s us on the other side of the fence, wanting to allow just one rule or regulation to slide in order to hold onto our own sense of humanity, to feel generous and connected to those we share the planet with. We may struggle with these impulses, fearing the repercussions, the consequences when our boss, parent, spouse, children or some other “authority” find out about our transgression in the name of kindness.

Capricorn is the sign that stands for order, accountability, planning and protocol. Capricorn likes plans, and in order to have plans, there is a need for agreed upon actions, contracts and commitments that will be carried out. Capricorn is the sign of accountability without sentiment. What is said will be happen, will happen, regardless of the consequences, the feelings or the potential for loss.

We are moving now into a time when, as a culture, our agreed upon systems, policies and regulations are headed for a breakdown. Our Capricorn contract is up, ready for renewal. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and piercing honesty enters the sign on January 26, 2008, poised for a ten year visit. This transition is introduced with a blowing of the trumpets and a bit of fanfare, as Jupiter moved into Capricorn in late December 2007 and the New Moon on January 8th all conspire to introduce Pluto to it’s new sign with intention and attention.

The good news in all of this, is that we may see the last of these maze-inspired, crazy making, computer generated voice mail systems, that do amazing things to our blood pressure rates. The bad news is, that if history is any kind of guide, we may experience a sort of cultural breakdown, as the last time this transit occurred was during the American Revolution in the late 1700’s.
Though many of the transitions we experience during this time may feel destabilizing and overwhelming, the underlying pulse of this planetary alignment is designed to have us reassess how we want to order society to maximize our survival and longetivity as a species.

At its best, Capricorn rules the part of humanity that excels at planning for the future. This is the sign of “Seven Generations”, as this Astro Goat always can see the top of the mountain, and can assess needs for the future in the present. Capricorn looks to see how it can offer protection and support over the long term, rather than only in the present moment. Capricorn is about helping big things grow over time.

Our culture currently has long term systems in place that only offer support and sustenance to a very few. Governmental systems like Social Security are broken and unworkable, and badly in need of renewal. Corporations, which besides government exist as another primary Capricorn body, act like out of control robots, existing without heart or humanity, and lacking a long term vision for sustaining the life force principle.

As we stand now, we have almost regulated and systemized ourselves out of connection with each other. It’s almost as if sometimes we have to check an instruction manual before we can have an interaction with another human being. It is these Capricornian tendencies that we can set an intention to release and let go of as we move through this Pluto cycle.

While we burn away these old forms of Capricornian structure, it is important that we simultaneously began to nurture a new vision of the long-term future. What do we want to see for our children’s children? How can we create systems that are planned with seven generations in mind? What do truly sustainable structures look and feel like? These questions will help to guide us through the rubble that falls from the old ways of being, allowing us to step into a new time with not only our humanity, but the future of our species taken care of.


4 Responses to “Seven Generations: Pluto in Capricorn”

  1. elijah Says:

    awesome! best ever… inspiring, informative… I just love it.

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  3. jessica Says:

    Fern, this is an exceptional article. I never thought about comparing Pluto in Cap to the cult of impersonality like telephone banking, the more -personal- forms of bureacracy…scary to this Cancer heart, but good for envisioning a warmer climate!

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