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Aquarius Eclipse February 5, 2008

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New Moon in Aquarius/Solar Eclipse

If ever there was a time to began communicating with aliens, this week would be it. A new moon solar eclipse occurs on Wednesday at 7:44 pm in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury retrograde and Neptune in Aquarius. This could be a perfect set up for weird, wacky communications from unknown origins.

Whether or not you decide to experiment with interplanetary conversations or find that you are receiving dream messages from dead people, or even something more mundane, like your voice mail recording impossible messages, this eclipse promises interesting verbal, written and psychic communications.

Look for the area that the eclipse aspects in your chart (planets and house cusps at or around 16-19 degrees of Aquarius), as you may find that that area of your life takes on a tone conducive to an article in the Weekly World News. Eclipses in general tend to create a fertile breeding ground for surprises, change and the unexpected. They have what we astrologers call a particularly “Uranian” quality. This particular eclipse takes place in the sign that is “ruled” by Uranus: Aquarius, amping up the volume and promising an electrical zing that is guaranteed to shake us up at some level.

Eclipses don’t always manifest on the external plane, and their effects can be hard to measure, as they sometimes are felt up to six months before they are exact, and up to a month or so after. But if you have hot spots in your chart that relate to the eclipse position, and you’ve observed some particularly “Uranian” changes in yourself and your world in the last few months, chances are, the week of this eclipse period will bring some new piece of information to add to the puzzle.


One Response to “Aquarius Eclipse”

  1. Aurora Says:

    No wonder! I should have read this more than a few days ago! Thank you Fern!

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