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Mercury Retrograde and Blackberry February 12, 2008

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Mercury retrograde again! This one is a doozie, with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, the sign ruling computers and new technology. So many of our communications now are shaped by the on-line world that we may be noticing this retrograde more than most. A few days after Mercury went retrograde (on January 28th) at 23 degrees of Aquarius, internet connections broke down all over Asia. Today (Monday, February 11), as the Sun in Aquarius progressed to that same 23 degrees, the news was reported that Black Berry, one of the largest networks of handheld devices is having a widespread service breakdown.
Though I’m sure Blackberry users aren’t finding this very amusing, those of you who track the astrological weather will likely appreciate a certain irony in this turn of events.

In the spirit of keeping spirits up, I’d like to offer my Wisestars remedies for not just surviving, but thriving during Mercury Retrograde periods. This particular one lasts until February 20th when the planet turns direct, but give it a week or so to get out of it’s “shadow” period to really start forging full speed ahead back towards that old Western Civilization thing…..

(For those of you who may just be joining us on this Mercury in Retrograde track, see below the Survive/Thrive section for my summation of this phenomena)


Back up your computer

Double check directions and appointment times carefully

Think carefully about word choice
And topic when having difficult

Slow down and drive more carefully

Read the fine print two or three times
before signing contracts or other important documents

Postpone buying major appliances until
Mercury goes direct


Research new computer equipment or software. Maximize time away from the computer.

Reschedule important meetings and appointments for after the Mercury retrograde period.

Rethink your position and be willing to admit your mistakes and apologize when having difficult conversations. Or try to forgive and forget more readily.

Refrain from rudeness and instead kill other drivers with kindness, or minimize driving and ride your bike and walk

Renegotiate current contracts that you want changed and postpone signing new important documents until Mercury goes direct

Repair and fix items that are broken

Remember: Retrograde starts with “re”, so incorporate “re” activities during retrograde periods.

Some Wisestars Words on the Mercury Retrograde Experience

Mercury, the planet of communication (which includes phones, computers, talking, listening, learning, teaching and also all forms of traveling), goes retrograde four times a year for three weeks each time. During this period, we will often notice that communications go awry, that our phones stop working, that computers freeze and travel plans hit snags. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Mercury retrograde was not designed to make you suffer.

If you allow it to, Mercury retrograde periods can be a time to slow down and take a little break from the high impact, fast and furious information heavy world we live in. Think of it as a three week vacation from the communication of words and thoughts. This is a time when communication of spirit, body and emotion take precedence. Try saying what you need to with tools besides words, using body or sign language, eye contact and dream messages to communicate your meaning. The more you try to force other types of communications now, the more frustrated you might end up……….

ps the very fine mercury image up there is from Mark Defrates jewelry http://www.markdefrates.com/


2 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde and Blackberry”

  1. Haydn Says:

    Such helpful advice. Thanks Fern!


  2. […] occurred there were some issues with Blackberry’s across the nation. Read more about the it here. More on how this retrograde might affect your own relationships and interactions here. Some way to […]

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