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Spring Equinox 2008 March 20, 2008

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The force of life that drives the green fuse through the flower (thanks Dylan Thomas), is flowing this week with the Spring Equinox on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 9:48 pm pdt and a full moon on Friday all squaring Pluto newly in Capricorn at 1 degree.

The Spring Equinox begins as the sun starts its yearly journey into Aries. The zero degrees Aries point is like the Fool card in the tarot: innocent and untried, bold, passionate and ready to take a leap into the unknown, with raw instincts and an open heart. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents the birth of consciousness and awareness of self. Aries is pure life force energy, initiating action and movement.

Spring Equinox 2008 is notable not only because of the full moon two days after the exact equinox point (the last full moon at the spring equinox occured in the year 2000), but also because of the tight square involving Pluto, the sun and the moon.

Pluto is the planet which symbolizes life and death, deep transformation, sex, power and mystery.
This planetary relationship puts the fiery force of the sun in Aries in opposition to the airy harmony of the moon in Libra, with both planets square the intensity of Pluto.

Like the Fall Equinox, this is a time when light and dark have reached a perfect balance, with the light growing stronger from now to the Summer Solstice. Springtime brings the birth of new budding life, the first steps of projects, ideas and relationships. The equinoxes represent a crossroads, a moment when we stand between the worlds, gazing forward and back simultaneously. As we pause at this particular turn in the road, Pluto forces us to look at the lessons of winter with more awareness than ever of the gentle fragility of life that we celebrate and nurture in these early days of spring.

This week may be a particularly good time to remember and honor those who may have died over the winter, or relationships and circumstances that have passed. In order to fully move into and embrace the growing light, we will need to pay careful attention to the gifts and losses of the shadow, noticing what we have learned and gathered from the darkness of winter.

In many parts of the US winter time has lingered, with storms and colder temperatures hanging on and extending the winter season. This year we are spending more time immersed in the lessons of winter, enduring the colder and harsher temperatures, and sustaining ourselves until the spring fully arrives.

Capricorn is a sign associated with deprivation, survival, and the strength and power that come from knowing how to stay alive in harsh circumstances. We may feel this shadow from the Pluto square, influencing our otherwise triumphant welcoming of warmer temperatures, flowers blossoming and new life. As financial markets crumble, and survival fears become part of the mass consciousness, it is important that we learn from the Capricorn gifts of perseverance, patience and ability to nurture long term goals.

The Sun in Aries calls us to celebrate the feisty beauty of cherry blossoms that relentlessly bloom despite war, financial woes and other human mayhem. As we cultivate the sober reality of the Capricorn perspective, it’s also important that we integrate the joy of life of Aries. Finally, a Libra moon asks us to remember our relationship with the “other”. Libra is a sign concerned with justice, partnership and cooperation.

A question to ponder this Equinox season might be: “How can we realistically and sustainably continue to live together in a way that celebrates and honors the life force?”


6 Responses to “Spring Equinox 2008”

  1. amy cranch Says:

    so beautiful and profound. much to chew on. thank you.

  2. Patt Says:

    Thank you for your profound wisdom! Today is a blessed day and I will honor it with prayer and thanksgiving. May you be blessed today as well.

  3. Maria Says:

    A million thanks for the inspiring and profound wisdom. Sending many blessings your way on this magical day!

  4. Dr Votan Says:

    Hey ho!
    Thanx 4 that :0)
    This year is so madly synchronous
    On both me mates n my mayan birthdays this year there was an eclipse –
    Our birthdays are the same glyphs as the last Katun & the last Tzolkin of this cycle finishing 2012, he he
    -twilight zone music please….
    Lots of spirit this year, the human race is about to get a big wake up from Yahwey & Mother Nature
    Time to make your peace with all & the Creator because the cycles of time are winding up to a crescendo of realization & there is no escape from what we have created
    No that we live forever & be ready to let go of form cos it may well be that way

  5. wisestars Says:

    thank you for all your comments! I hope everyone is having a good Full Moon day today:)

  6. claudia Says:

    Hi Fern, Thanks for the info and the good vibs that feel from reading your wise words!

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