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Divination Day for A Fool’s Journey March 26, 2008

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With four planets in the 12th house of retreat and respite, Libra rising, and Venus in Cancer in the 10th house, I have something of a reputation amongst my friends as being an expert on places and spaces to indulge the senses while taking a break from the “real” world.

Maybe this is why I’m so excited about the upcoming Fool’s Journey retreat this Fall in Northern California, which is turning out to be a magical mystical journey already, though the retreat doesn’t even start until September.

Taking inspiration from the Fool card in the tarot, myself and my co-creators envision this workshop as a time to take a leap into the world of magic, delving more deeply into myth and mystery, guided by a group of long-time teachers and priestesses. Like the sign of Aries, the Fool card is the embodiment of open-hearted creative risk-taking, passion and serendipity.

We envision this as a retreat from the world, but also a time to indulge the senses in the spirit of deep relaxation and the kind of sacred fun the Fool loves best.

Our Fool’s Journey planning group just happened to make it’s first site visit to Four Springs retreat center just days after the Spring Equinox was exact, when the Sun moved fully into Aries. At Four Springs we found a space simply designed to catalyze the Aries Fool in almost anyone.

From the endless possibilities for creative self-expression alive in the art room (fun, fun, fun!), the meditation hall (yoga classes!) and the mystical library (freewrites galore), to the hiking trails (for your inner Aries) and swimming pool (Marco Polo anyone?), this land seemed designed for the kind of retreat we are offering.

Harbin Hot Springs is also a ten minute drive away, for those who like hot springs……

This Sunday, we will be invoking the spirit of the sacred Fool at our Divination Day benefit to raise money to support the Fool’s Journey retreat.

Participants will have the opportunity to get an intuitive reading (offered at the very reasonable $1-2 a minute sliding scale) from any one of our talented team (see A Fool’s Journey for bio’s), try a magical elixir, or simply come and meet us and find about more about this retreat.


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