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New Moon in Aries Treasure Map April 6, 2008

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Treasure Maps and Tigger

New Moon in Aries on Saturday at 7:55pm

The Aries moon tonight has a vibrant exuberance that could be a little dangerous if channeled in the wrong way. The Tigger like energy of this new moon is passionate and enthusiastic, with the moon squaring both Jupiter and Mars. Lots of juice is flowing around, so this is a good time to dance, make art, love and other benevelont mischief. Harnessing the energy in this way will help prevent the downside of the fiery flow which could be kind of accident prone.
The first Aries new moon of the year is traditionally treasure map time in the Wisestars World (thank you Maryrose for reminding me!!!). This great idea is borrowed from Jan Spiller’s New Moon Wishing book (and she in turn borrowed it from another astrologer….)
See below for instructions………
Spring Equinox Treasure Map
(done on the New Moon in Aries following the Spring Equinox. Can be done up to two days after the New Moon.)
Materials needed:

Good Music

Friends can be nice to do it with, one year I had a party….other times it’s better alone-you decide….

Scissors, glue, cardboard or posterboard
Leaf through the magazines, cutting out pictures and words that catch your eye and set them aside. Arrange the images however you want on the board. Create your map with words and images that feel happy to you and that look like what you want to manifest this year.

Hang in a place you will see it regularly. Enjoy observing the map coming to life in suprising and unexpected ways. Be patient, it may take more than a year for some of the biggies…..


4 Responses to “New Moon in Aries Treasure Map”

  1. Coach Hire Says:

    Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

  2. Yann Legros Says:

    Tres tres bon article. J’ai beaucoup apris. Merci beaucoup 🙂

  3. sealion Says:

    nice, good post

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