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Monthly Moon Gab April 13, 2008

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Ever wanted an astrologer in your pocket to help navigate your cash flow, assist your next promotion or plumb your psychological state, but don’t want to shell out the big bucks to learn?

It’s your lucky day!

Introducing, a monthly Moon gathering designed just for you. Every month Marin astrologers Jessica Shepherd and Fern Feto Spring play weather girls to the heavens, exploring how moon cycles and star patterns play out in YOUR LIFE. This is a rare opportunity to understand how astrology influences awareness and energy on a personal and collective level in a group environment – with not one, but two professional astrologers. Wow!

Here’s the format: a portion of the gab will be devoted to the current star patterns and how they interact with, influence and shape the world around you. This easily folds into the second portion – a participatory discussion about how you’re each experiencing the planets in your life. All this in a welcoming, dynamic, and nurturing space.

No previous astrology knowledge required. This is accessible astrology, designed for everyone, from beginner to advanced. It’s our mission that everyone walks away with stellar new insights.

Date: First New Moon of every month beginning May 5, 2008
Time: 7-9pm
Place: Fairfax, CA (rsvp for directions)
Cost: $25 (includes a copy of your birth chart and current planetary news handouts)

Jessica Shepherd http://www.moonkissd.com, moonkissd@moonkissd.com
Fern Feto Spring www. wisestars.net, fern@wisestars.net

About Fern & Jessica: Fern and Jessica discovered each other at home, in Fairfax, CA, and realized their mutual love for astrology. Both professional astrologers have completed Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Astrology training, and have an affinity for sharing the ancient art of astrology with a twist of modern sensibility. Their common Venus in Cancer in the 10th house and Libra Rising in each of their natal charts brings compassionate insights and a stylish flair to their teaching and consultation work.


4 Responses to “Monthly Moon Gab”

  1. Great flier, Fern 😉

    I look forward to leading this class with you!

  2. wisestars Says:

    Thank you Jessica SHEPHERD for creating this wonderful flier:)
    xoFern Feto SPRING

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