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Saturn’s Garden Postcript June 30, 2008

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Saturn’s Garden Postcript

“I walk by your garden every day, it’s so beautiful”. “Gorgeous”. “What kind of roses are those?”
I’m in a strange sort of Saturn transit after glow. Since last fall, Saturn has been smack on top of my Sun in the early signs of Virgo. But just three days ago, Saturn moved from the very personal three degrees of my sun sign, and towards four degrees of Virgo, which will soon turn to five, growing farther and farther away from my sun, the planet that astrologically makes me, essentially me.

What a visit I’ve had with Saturn this time. Such an odd sense of humor that ringed planet has, to say the least. The garden I worked in all fall, dedicating it to this Saturn transit, and patiently planting, and weeding and watering, has been blooming in wonderful waves after waves of life. My motives for working in the garden were purely selfish, I wanted to create beauty, get some exercise and be in nature. In all of these things I was successful, and I paid my Saturn dues. I worked hard, digging, weeding, watering, and I worked with a rhythm, that regular beat that Saturn likes. Returning again and again, but not too much, to add water and nutrients and make sure the plants got the sun they needed to grow.
But unexpectedly, in an almost (gasp), Uranian way, Saturn traveling over my 11th house sun in Virgo somehow translated my personal garden project into a gift for my neighborhood. On busy weekend days, as I watered and weeded, neighbors stopped by to tell me how they liked my sweet peas, which reminded them of when they were children. Others asked what kind of roses I grew, and some simply waved, smiled and called out “beautiful”. My favorite garden incident actually happened when I wasn’t home. My boyfriend said he looked out the window and saw a little girl of about eight riding her bicycle in front of our house. She stopped, got off her bike and leaned it against our fence, and then stuck her nose deep into the pink sweet peas climbing the fence. He said it looked as though she anticipated the smell of the flowers, and he thought she had probably done this very same thing before, as if our house was a special sweet smelling stop on her way home.
All the time I spent this year to become a new kind of Virgo, a non-doormat, relaxed kind of Virgo, a self-esteem serving Virgo, a Virgo with verve. Well, it kind of paid off, and paid off in the most Virgoish in the 11th house of ways, as the pleasure I brought myself in my own self-serving way, was multiplied when I realized I was also serving others.
This is one Saturn lesson I won’t forget. That is isn’t necessary to give and serve from a place of struggle and martyrdom, that service can mean pleasing oneself first and watching that pleasure ripple out like a rock skipped cleanly across the surface of a lake.
(For Part I of my Saturn in Virgo story see Saturn’s Garden on this blogsite)


4 Responses to “Saturn’s Garden Postcript”

  1. chirotic Says:

    Well surely, you shouldn’t be particularly surprised at having a Uranian moment like that, with Saturn in the 11th! I like Barbara Hand-Clow’s observation about the Saturn/Uranus midpoint being crucial; if Chiron is the bridge between Sa/Ur.

    Having Saturn in the 11th is a little of that quality isn’t it?

    What a lovely garden you must have, I too am a true celebrant of flower-gardens, they are one of life’s *genuine* joys.


  2. Hekate Says:

    Simply gorgeous, Fern. Despite my sometimes fickle and less-than-grounded Gemini nature, I am planning to begin work with the “Pentacle of Martha” this fall (of which, you may recall, gardening is one of the points). Happy gardening – even across the web, you and your garden bring me renewed inspiration 🙂


  3. wisestars Says:

    Thanks for the comments folks….
    Jeremy-you are right-I forgot about the Saturn/Uranus connection! And me with an Aquarius Moon and the Sun in the 11th…Ah well that’s why we need other astrologers, eh:)

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