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Eclipse Season August 5, 2008

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We’ve now officially entered the eclipse season.
I have to say, there’s something about the sound of “eclipse season” that I just love. It sounds like the “opera season” or the “fall season”, but it packs a much more walloping punch…

So, how have I spent my eclipse season so far?
Well, interestingly enough, the day of the New Moon eclipse in Leo, I found myself headed up to Sonoma to plan the Fool’s Journey retreat and restorative, which I will be teaching at this September (25-28th to be exact).

I had some small feelings of trepidation because the eclipse was falling on my 11th /5th house axis, spotlighting the polarity between groups and community and individual expression. The same themes as the Leo/Aquarius eclipse season theme, only opposite, since I have Libra rising. I was nervous because I was going to be planning a group activity with a group. Would this great team of teachers suddenly and surprisingly devolve into a band of raving lunatics? Would I become an ego-filled maniac, demanding that my creative dreams shape the structure of our Fool’s Journey camp? How would the surprising and unexpected nature of this eclipse play out on our weekend away to plan, play and connect?

So, as you might have gathered by now, I was in fact caught quite by surprise. This wasn’t the kind of knock your socks off, leave your job, partner, home, mind kind of surprise, rather it was that more sweetly, slowly, dawning pleasure kind of surprise that snuck up just at the edge of my awareness, until suddenly it was there.
As we planned the evening rituals, I put in a bid for an astrological theme to help shape our Saturday night plan. This idea was met with an outpouring of such enthusiasm and co-creating pleasure by my fellow fools, that the resulting ritual plan left me reeling with the understanding that this was a part of my eclipse lesson.
The ritual plan we came up with provided me with a way to offer up my own unique talents and abilities (Aquarius Moon in the 5th house), and helped me to offer them in service to the community and group in a form that would involve expression and sacred drama (Leo house cusp in the 11th house).

What a neat and non-scary way to live out the eclipse energies.
Now if only I can navigate the upcoming Aquarius eclipse on August 16th (which is happening smack-on conjunct my moon), with similar style and pizzazz. How I love the strange and beautiful way the stars tell the story of our lives…..


3 Responses to “Eclipse Season”

  1. deborah oak Says:

    aquarius eclipse on August 16th? that’s the King’s death day…although of course in some dimension he is still living.
    oh, to be in Memphis!!!!

  2. jeanne/breath Says:

    And so goes the Fool’s Journey… isn’t it grand? !!! peace to you.
    x jeanne

  3. Oriana Raven Says:

    Is there any hope for us Aquarians this year?? Collaborative planning has been touchy to say the least 🙂 Love to you Fern. And to the King.

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