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Fall Equinox 2008 September 22, 2008

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I’m just going to be transparent and acknowledge right away that I love Libra energy. Why? Well, let me review….I’ve got Libra rising, Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Libra, my progressed Sun in Libra, a boyfriend in Libra (really, he’s in Libra….), and yes, even a Libran dog……

So when the transiting sun moves into Libra, I feel soothed, supported and very at home. You can probably only imagine my delight that this Autumn Equinox, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Libra as well, creating a sort of Libra cadre, and bringing out some of the best and worst of my own Libra qualities. For example, I’m feeling rather peaceful and balanced, but also can’t wait to lay around the pool this weekend and just do the leisure, Libra spa thing at the Fool’s Journey retreat.

I also wouldn’t say no to a little clothes shopping. Though the times are rare that I would say no to a little clothes shopping…..that’s the Libra addiction to beauty and shallowness rearing their head.

Anyway, moving away from clothes and on to the season….lucky me, there’s even a sort of holiday to celebrate this notable Libra event. We call it the Autumn Equinox, but those on the more witchy end of things probably also know it as Mabon. A holiday in honor of Libra only adds to my Venusian pleasure…..

And pleasure is just what I recommend today.

Don’t know about you, but here in Fairfax, CA it’s 82 degrees, a little breezy, a lot sunny and really just about perfect. Fall leaves turning, sunflowers blooming, and I’m sitting outside with my two sweeties, canine and human, feeling grateful, abundant and blessed.

The Autumn Equinox introduces the season of Libra, when we turn our attention towards the reflections in our lives. The sense of “otherness” or the mirrors to ourselves that show us who we are, both light and dark.

This is the harvest season, when what we have planted, tended, weeded and watered bears fruit. This Mabon, the harvest quality of the holiday is emphasized, falling as it does during the time of the waning moon. This strenghthens the focus on reflection and meditation of what we are grateful for in our lives.

The seeds of self that were planted at the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moved into Libra’s opposing sign of Aries, are now coming to fruition.

Look around you. What is in your life that you feel grateful for? What are you reaping? Celebrating and giving thanks for? Which projects need a little more time or care? Which can be let go of?

This is the time of the crossroads, when we stand at a perfect balance between light and dark, when the sun is equal in length to the night. This moment is a moment of beauty, of stillness, of life. Breathe it in, there will never be another like it.

Happy Equinox!


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