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Beaver Moon aka Full Moon in Taurus November 11, 2008


Everything in nature seems to be moving, falling and changing now, as we enter more deeply into the time of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of bottomless depth, mystery and transformation: birth and death and birth again. Now we turn inward, circling closer to ourselves and each other, and moving forward into the growing darkness of winter.

The Full Moon tomorrow is in Taurus, and it serves as a reminder to nurture our bodies and anything pertaining to the physical realm.
This moon was named the “Beaver Moon” by the Algonquin, and signaled a time to set beaver traps to prepare furs for winter. In the modern world, this moon can similarly be a reminder to get busy as beavers and make sure we have all that we need to sustain us through the cold and dark. Are we practically prepared for winter? Will  we be warm, fed and sheltered?

At the same time, the mystery of Scorpio is calling us to go deeper into the dark cave of night, asking us to wander in our own depths, and reminding us of adventures of the spirit. The Scorpio Sun asks us who we really are? What gives our life meaning? If we were to die tomorrow, what would we spend our time doing NOW?

This Full Moon challenges us to find a balance between our Taurus need for physical comfort and sustenance, and Scorpio’s desire for spiritual and emotional quests. Look to the houses in your astrological chart that the full moon falls in for more clues as to how this full moon may manifest in your life. (for a free chart go to: astro.com)

The Taurus Full Moon is also squared by Neptune in Aquarius which went direct on November 1st.
This aspect indicates that our personal journey is currently directly influenced and effected by the ongoing collective story. In the last several years, as Neptune has transited through Aquarius we have been learning about our illusions and fantasies in relation to the qualities of freedom, technology and independence. Neptune is approaching a conjunction with the Moon of the chart of the United States, offering us the opportunity to let go of our deceptions and self-defeating behaviors as a country.

The year-long Saturn and Uranus opposition, and also transiting Jupiter in Capricorn make harmonious aspects to this moon, offering support in undergoing dynamic change and transformation. We may find these transitions unsettling to the fixed nature of our Scorpio and Taurus selves, but ultimately, we will arrive at a place that is new, juicy and full of life. The earth trine formed by the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo offers us some practical and grounded tools for moving forward towards the future.

At the Full Moon we also have the opportunity to get a first look at any seeds we might have planted at the Scorpio New Moon on October 28th.
Though it may not yet be time to harvest these seeds, we can gather clues about the state of their growth. What new projects or relationships did you begin at the New Moon? What has grown or changed with these projects since that time? The coming dark moon on November 26 may bring a greater sense of resolution to these new beginnings, but now is a time to assess and witness your unfolding journey.


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