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Planetary Characters November 30, 2008

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I’ve really been enjoying reading Mary Greer’s tarot blog lately. For the uninitated, Greer is a long-time tarot practitioner, writer and teacher, who I’ve had many a reading with over the years and from whose wisdom I’ve benefitted greatly.

Greer not only has an interesting analysis on the “Love, Jobs and 401 k’s” article that’s been making the rounds amongst many of us professional intuitive practioners, she also has many fun tips and tools about the tarot to learn from.

Drawing inspiration from her site, I wanted to offer blog readers some of my own processes for approaching astrology. In my astrology classes and readings, I like to give students and clients fun, easy and accessible ways to work with their charts.

Here’s a version of a game I play in my classes:

Planetary Characters

Pick a planet

(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto are the ones we work with in astrology, regardless of who says their planets or not….)

You may want to choose a planet that you particularly like, or one that you feel challenged by. But just pick one to start with.

Develop a character for this planet based on what you know of it’s astrological nature

If you know nothing about your planets astrological nature, read up a bit first at a site like astro.com

or read about the myths associated with your planet in Greek mythology. Wikipedia is a great resource for this…..

Then come up with a name, profession, hobby, mate, ideal home environment, etc. for your chosen planet. Imagine your planet as a person come to life.

Observe the people around you to see if anyone you encounter reminds you of this planet

What can you learn from this person about the planet’s nature? How do they express the more challenging (ie negative), or positive qualities of your planet?

How do you react to this person? Do you react to their qualities in the same way you might the influence of the planet in your life? (by transit or in your chart)

Use your first planetary exploration as a jumping board to explore the rest of the planets, until you have created your own collection of planetary characters.


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