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Lemonade Award May 28, 2009

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wheelWow! So Jupiter is currently travelling through my 5th house of (among other things) winning prizes, awards and contests.

Now, I am not naturally a person who wins things, maybe it’s my rebellious Aquarius cusp ruling my 5th house, or maybe my luck comes in other ways, but for one reason or another, I’ve just never thought of myself as a “winner” of things. I’ve had many blessings in my life, but winning contests and prizes has never been one of them.

Aiming to change this, I’ve been entering contests like crazy , and also bought my first and second lottery ticket ever, about a week after Jupiter first slipped over that 5th house cusp about two months ago. (Thanks Reya for the recommendation!)

Lo and behold, I actually won $30 from my second lottery ticket. And, more exciting, I’ve won a prize I didn’t even try for-A “Lemonade Award” for my blog, the Lemonade Award is for sites that are seen to have great attitude or gratitude. So thanks to Julie Dembowski, at http://juliedemboski.wordpress.com, a powerhouse astrologer, who actually includes an analysis of the asteroids in her blogs, (which I love ), for nominating me as one of her choices.

So part of the deal with the Lemonade award (I was so happy that I didn’t win some kind of lemon award!), is that you “pay it forward”, and nominate 10 of your favorite blogs to win their own Lemonade Awards….

So without further ado-here are the 10 Blogs I Nominate for Lemonade Awards:

1. Big Sky Astrology-There are lots of things I love about April, besides being a fabo web designer, astrologer and just amazingly cool lady, she also is one hell of a writer. Her blog is one I read very regularly check out: http://www.bigskyastrology.com/

2. Jessica Shepherd is so wise, so wonderful and has inspired me more times than I can count, check out her astrology blog at: Moonkissd http://www.moonkissd.com

3. Deborah Oak Cooper writes with wit, humor and humanity about all kinds of crazy things read her at: Branches up Roots Down http://www.branchesup.blogspot.com

4. Matthew Currie is so weird, so wacky and so funny. Though you may not always understand what he’s writing about, you will laugh… http://matthewastrology.blogspot.com/

5. Mary Greer, oh I’ve been a fan of Mary’s for over 20 years, ever since I first took a class with her at a Women’s Herbal Symposium in Occidental, CA. Imagine my delight when I discovered her wonderful tarot blog, see it here: http://marygreer.wordpress.com/

6. Lara Owens, has a wonderful perspective on the stars and the healing art of astrology, I’v e loved her long time:) See her blog at: http://planetaryenergies.net/

7. Astrology Mundo, concise, interesting, current events type astrology at: http://astrologymundo.wordpress.com/

8.Planetary Apothecary, just discovered this blog, and love the way the author has integrated earthy healing tools with the starry sky, I aim to follow in her footsteps. http://planetaryapothecary.com/

9. John and Susan Townley, this duo compile interesting astro news and write a current events type blog that is always insightful: http://www.astrococktail.com/news.html

10.Reya, has one of the most interesting minds of anyone I know, and I love to follow her tracks whenever possible at her Gold Puppy (love the name), blog: http://thegoldpuppy.blogspot.com

It’s requested that each nominated site also do its own noms, include the logo shown on Julie’s site (I can’t figure out how to add it to mine…, and notifiy each nominee at their own site.

So thanks Julie and Lemonade Award initiators for helping my 5th house transiting Jupiter dreams come true and in such a cool Aquarian community oriented way, on the day of the first Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction which happens to be right on my natal Moon and square my 2nd house Neptune. You astrologers out there will know what that means!


3 Responses to “Lemonade Award”

  1. Thank you! Wow I am so honored … and so happy to see your new blog.

    And to learn that Mary Greer has a blog. I studied with her, too, long long ago.

    Thank you!!

  2. juliedemboski Says:

    Thanks, wise! The logo you can just right click on and save, then add to the blog when composing. And you’ve come up with a great list, and a few I wanted to include myself!

  3. I bow to your kindness!

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