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Simple Pleasures October 7, 2009

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A number of other excellent astrologers have been blogging lately about the upcoming planetary transitions which take place this month, as many of the inner planets move out of earth and water signs and into the more active realm of air and fire (Mercury and Venus into Libra and Mars into Leo). Mercury, the planet of communication,  is also poised to fly free of it’s retrograde “shadow” phase and away from a conjunction from serious Saturn, while Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity, is readying to move direct on October 13th after a four month retrograde period.

It’s looking like the curtains are ready to rise on a whole lot of action this Fall, as stuck places loosen up and wheels start to turn. Many of you may be waiting with baited breath now, wanting to get going already, put your hands on the reigns and ride free, finally, (without all those damn restraints), towards the future.

My Mars in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius are right there with you, ready to embark on whatever adventures await as the seasons of the skies change once more. But my Sun in Virgo and Venus in Cancer is experiencing a wistful sort of tug, remembering the sweetness of the slow and steady routines that make up the weave of life. Though I’m ready for change, eager for it even, the Moon in Taurus today has encouraged me to meditate on some of the more simple pleasures, the ones that already exist in this present moment.

So I wanted to invite  those of you who might appreciate it, to take some time before the pace of this cosmic game of musical chairs picks up,  to look around you. Observe all the things that are in your life right now that bring you  small moments of appreciation, those simple, but sweet times, that fill up the spaces  between the big events.

In my garden I’m noticing: the sweet smell of the last roses of summer, the tomato plant that never quite got going and only now is growing a small green fruit, the pink jasmine that hasn’t bloomed but that I hope will this Fall. I’m appreciating: my dog’s little dinner dance and my lover’s ability to always make me laugh, the Mayberry on acid vibe that permeates Fairfax and the golden haze that the light brings with it now.

I’m almost ready for that show of planetary fireworks ahead, but it may find me in the kitchen, indulging my very own Venus in Cancer as I finally try that recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Cake I’ve been waiting to make all summer. At least I’ll have something to serve at the party that is sure to accompany Venus as it transits into Libra and Mars as it roars into Leo (ready to party for a looong eight months, but that is a whole other blog….)


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