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Mars Direct Downlow March 11, 2010

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Mars moved in to Leo last October, went retrograde in Leo on December 20th and went direct today (still in Leo).

What’s it all mean? Projects, relationships, plans and well, “things”, that began last October have been in review stage for the last few months. Hopefully, you’ve done *plenty* of reviewing, as now that Mars is direct-life will pick up a little speed.

All at once, you might ask? For most of us, alas (well alas in my case), no.
Like a train, once Mars goes into forward motion, it takes a little while to pick up speed. Expect a slow and steady pace, but by mid-May, Mars will be at the exact place it went retrograde last December, so we’ll have a chance to move on to a new phase at that time.

What’s it mean that Mars is in Leo?
Leo is the sign of self-expression, creativity, generosity, heart-filled emotion, appreciation, fame, luxury AND selfishness, grandiosity, drama, narcissism, superficiality and bossiness. Like all the signs a mix of both the highs and the lows of humanity.

So….collectively, we’ve had a chance to RE-view, RE-assess, RE-think (getting the picture here?), etc. Our own relationship to Leonine qualities and characteristics, particularly as they play out in our charts.

For example-I have the sign of Leo in both my 10th and 11th house cusp, so I’ve been looking at how much appreciation I’ve been getting and how much I want from both the public at large and my community in general. I’ve re-assessed what I want out of my career, my future and my friends. Do I have answers? Some. Do I have questions? Yes, lots. My hope is that as Mars picks up speed in its direct motion, some of these questions will be answered.

You can look to what house/s and planets the sign of Leo falls in in your chart to explore your own questions and answers for this time.

Check out astro.com for a free chart copy-or contact me for a reading of how Mars direct plays out in your chart.


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