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Storytelling with the Stars December 1, 2009

December 2009 is a busy month in the sky above (not to mention the earth below), as the planets change signs, move forwards and backwards and cluster together in all kinds of interesting arrangements. The kicker is a Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer (the second of two full moons this month), taking place on New Year’s Eve. So what does  this high octave rearrangement of the cosmic forces mean for you and for those you love?

As Venus settles into Sagittarius tomorrow (December 1st) and the Full Moon lights up the sign of Gemini (also December 1st), this is as good a time as any to embrace the sacred art of storytelling.

As an astrologer, part of my job is to weave a story of power, possibility and hope for my clients using the threads of their natal charts as the basis for the important themes and cycles that will shape their lives. But ideally, I can go even further and encourage people to track the movement of the stars and planets on their own, in this way they can begin to weave their own stories about their charts and their lives.

So think of my “star story” for December as a template for you to work with, a way for you to begin to develop your astrological literacy and move forward in the direction of shaping your personal planetary narrative.

The starry landscape of December is a paradoxical story, one that tells of change and awakening, but also stops and starts. Uranus, which goes direct after a five month retrograde period, is like an arrow shooting outward into the Piscean realm of imagination, creativity and spirituality. We now are free to explore the realms of possibility, having received the steady hand and focused attention of Saturn in Virgo, as it opposed Uranus in Pisces over the last year. Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces and the modern ruler of Sagittarius, the archer, is further accentuated now as Venus joins the Sun for a month long visit with this expansive and optimistic fire sign.

So at first glance it would seem that all systems are “go, go, go”, yet mid-to late December, brings us a bit of a “no, no, no” vibe, slowing down our flying arrow of change and asking us to reconsider, regroup and re-energize both our thoughts and our actions. As Mars in Leo goes retrograde from mid-December until March of 2010, we have to keep our hands on the reigns of our desires. This will be a time to really explore whether our hearts are driving our will or vice-versa. Mercury retrograde in late December adds to this internalized energy, encouraging a time of introspection. We’re asked to put the breaks on now and slow down a fast moving vehicle, curbing its speed and directing a force and power that may at least appear to be out of our immediate control (Saturn/Pluto square).

This landscape of planetary possibility during the Winter of 2009-10 is only the backdrop for a larger story, a collective cosmic tale that may shape and effect your own personal narrative, but which also has a power all on its own. As you track the movements of the stars and planets in relationship to your natal chart, use your imagination to integrate the archetypes and myths of the sky into the day to day events of your life. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, ask yourself, what is the story that you want to tell around the Solstice fire? What is the story that gives your life meaning? The story that warms you in the dark? This is the story that will help you keep your inner fire and light alive through this season of darkness and this is the story that is yours alone to tell.


December 1

Full Moon in Gemini

Uranus in Pisces (23 degrees) goes direct

Venus moves into Sagittarius

December 20

Mars in Leo goes retrograde (19 degrees)

December 26

Mercury in Capricorn goes retrograde (21 degrees)

December 31

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer (10 degrees)


Venus in Scorpio Does Dessert (and a movie…….) November 11, 2009

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Venus is moving through Scorpio for the next few weeks, making the rest of November a prime time to intensify all acts of love and pleasure in your life. Sex is probably the most obvious outlet for the lusty and sensual energy of Scorpio, and with Venus involved, food and art combine to make an excellent warm-up for a romantic evening alone with your sweetie (or just a romantic evening alone with yourself….). To fully experience the possibilities of this transit, try dessert and a movie “Venus in Scorpio style”, indulging your senses with both richness and depth. Read on for a sample recipe and a movie review that honors the Goddess of Love and Pleasure in her Dark Goddess guise….


Procure chocolate and hazelnut ice cream. Top with a generous amount of pomegranate seeds, (representing juiciness, mystery and the gifts of darkness). Sprinkle with chopped crystallized ginger (for a Scorpionic bite) and finish with shredded coconut (for endurance and strength).

Movie: (Warning: spoiler alert)

Venus, the planet of (among other things….) pleasure, leisure time and relaxation, will be forming a square to Neptune at the end of the month , so this is a good time to escape into the illusionary world of film. What better way to leave reality behind than by watching the Venus in Scorpio themed movie., starring Keri Russell. This picture is ripe with Scorpionic themes: illicit sex, violence, birth, death, inheritances, and the magical powers of pie.

Russell plays Jenna, a waitress whose pies inspire people to fall in love, remember their youth and live their dreams. Unwillingly pregnant by her abusive husband, she begins a secret affair with her doctor, wooing him with a “Marshmallow Mermaid pie”.

The sweetness of Venus threads throughout the movie, resplendent in the close-ups of rich chocolate being poured over bananas, the “on-the spot” poetry of an enamored suitor, and the easy camaraderie shared by Jenna and her waitress sisters. Like the goddess Persephone, Jenna returns home every night to the realm of the underworld, held hostage by her possessive and brutal husband. Naïve and helpless, she is a child-bride, trapped in a nightmare. As she bakes her way throughout the movie, creating pies with names like “”Bad Baby pie , “Falling in Love Pie” and “Naughty Pumpkin Pie”, her power slowly awakens, culminating in the arrival of her newborn daughter.

Like a vengeful Kali, moments after giving birth, Jenna finally gathers the courage to tell her husband to disappear, then she breaks up with her lover and rides off into the sunset with baby Lulu, creating the pie palace of her dreams along the way.

Adrienne Shelly, who wrote, directed and co-starred in “The Waitress”, was murdered on November, 1, 2006, months before the movie was actually released. On the day she was killed, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter formed a stelllium in Scorpio. The transiting Moon was in Pisces, triggering her natal Mars in Gemini, which was in turn squared in her birth chart by Uranus and Pluto. Shellie’s final movie is a moving testament to the rich sensuality, love of the feminine and witty dialogue that is generously reflected in her natal chart. With her Sun conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Taurus trine Pluto and Mars in Gemini square Pluto and Uranus, Shellie was a perfect channel for this story of love and transformation. As we journey through the remainder of the Scorpio season, honoring the memory and the spirits of our beloved dead, Shellie’s movie reminds us of the sweetness of life. May she be remembered and so live on, her art remaining as a testament to a creative, passionate and heart-filled spirit.