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New Moon in Gemini-May 24th at 5:11 am pdt May 25, 2009

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shag.detail.geminiIt’s a bit of a tricky new moon today, which is “oh so perfect” for that trickiest of the tricky signs known as Gemini. This third sign of the zodiac is also known as:

Thief, messenger, writer, teacher, and pollinating butterfly of the stars. So with the New Moon starring in this airiest of the air signs, communication is ON OUR MINDS. And yet, Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet is still retrograde.

So what ever is a smart human to do? We can navigate this sort of catch-22 situation if we strategically use all the Gemini resources we have at our disposal. New Moon says “green light, go, go, go, plant those seeds, start those projects” and Mercury retrograding says, “slow down, reconsider, think before you speak, write, sign on the dotted line…”. As Gemini is the planet of duality, aka “The Twins”, this New Moon demands that we stop and go, speak and listen, act and reflect simultaneously this month. Yes, plant those new seeds of communication, education, connection, pollination. But yes, also, rethink, review and reconsider how you “do Gemini” in the world. How do you communicate? Educate? Listen? Learn? Any changes that may be necessary now? Revisions in plans? Now is the time to act on the “re” principle, taking advantage of Mercury’s backwards motion to revise as necessary until about June 3 when Mercury is moving forward with a bit of steady motion (actual direct day is May 30, and Mercury is out of what’s known as it’s “shadow” period on June 15th, June 3rd is when it’s out of the slow going phase and picking up speed again).