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Storytelling with the Stars December 1, 2009

December 2009 is a busy month in the sky above (not to mention the earth below), as the planets change signs, move forwards and backwards and cluster together in all kinds of interesting arrangements. The kicker is a Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer (the second of two full moons this month), taking place on New Year’s Eve. So what does  this high octave rearrangement of the cosmic forces mean for you and for those you love?

As Venus settles into Sagittarius tomorrow (December 1st) and the Full Moon lights up the sign of Gemini (also December 1st), this is as good a time as any to embrace the sacred art of storytelling.

As an astrologer, part of my job is to weave a story of power, possibility and hope for my clients using the threads of their natal charts as the basis for the important themes and cycles that will shape their lives. But ideally, I can go even further and encourage people to track the movement of the stars and planets on their own, in this way they can begin to weave their own stories about their charts and their lives.

So think of my “star story” for December as a template for you to work with, a way for you to begin to develop your astrological literacy and move forward in the direction of shaping your personal planetary narrative.

The starry landscape of December is a paradoxical story, one that tells of change and awakening, but also stops and starts. Uranus, which goes direct after a five month retrograde period, is like an arrow shooting outward into the Piscean realm of imagination, creativity and spirituality. We now are free to explore the realms of possibility, having received the steady hand and focused attention of Saturn in Virgo, as it opposed Uranus in Pisces over the last year. Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces and the modern ruler of Sagittarius, the archer, is further accentuated now as Venus joins the Sun for a month long visit with this expansive and optimistic fire sign.

So at first glance it would seem that all systems are “go, go, go”, yet mid-to late December, brings us a bit of a “no, no, no” vibe, slowing down our flying arrow of change and asking us to reconsider, regroup and re-energize both our thoughts and our actions. As Mars in Leo goes retrograde from mid-December until March of 2010, we have to keep our hands on the reigns of our desires. This will be a time to really explore whether our hearts are driving our will or vice-versa. Mercury retrograde in late December adds to this internalized energy, encouraging a time of introspection. We’re asked to put the breaks on now and slow down a fast moving vehicle, curbing its speed and directing a force and power that may at least appear to be out of our immediate control (Saturn/Pluto square).

This landscape of planetary possibility during the Winter of 2009-10 is only the backdrop for a larger story, a collective cosmic tale that may shape and effect your own personal narrative, but which also has a power all on its own. As you track the movements of the stars and planets in relationship to your natal chart, use your imagination to integrate the archetypes and myths of the sky into the day to day events of your life. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, ask yourself, what is the story that you want to tell around the Solstice fire? What is the story that gives your life meaning? The story that warms you in the dark? This is the story that will help you keep your inner fire and light alive through this season of darkness and this is the story that is yours alone to tell.


December 1

Full Moon in Gemini

Uranus in Pisces (23 degrees) goes direct

Venus moves into Sagittarius

December 20

Mars in Leo goes retrograde (19 degrees)

December 26

Mercury in Capricorn goes retrograde (21 degrees)

December 31

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer (10 degrees)


Michelle Obama and the Little Red Dress, A Venus in Sagittarius Story? November 6, 2008

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By now I was hoping I would come up with some kind of really pithy, savvy and wise astrological analysis of the recent election. But I have to be honest, all I can think about is that red dress that Michelle Obama wore on election night. I mean wow! Is this Venus in Sagittarius square Uranus and Saturn or what?!

There were a flurry of interesting astrological aspects taking place on the day of the election, from the Moon void of course, to Mercury’s placement, to Mars square Neptune. Many astrologers focused on the Uranus and Saturn opposition, looking at McCain as representing stodgy, boring Saturn, and Obama as a symbol of the wave of the future, the iconclast, and the rebel known as Uranus. Somehow Venus in Sagittarius making a tight square to both of these big players has mostly been missed…(Except, I have to say, by my esteemed, and fellow, Venus ruled colleague Jessica Shepherd, who writes all about it on her new blog on Venus matters).

So fancy that, leaving the feminine out of the equation, when she’s really in the starring role……

What exactly am I talking about you might be wondering? How does Michelle Obama’s red dress have anything at all to do with the planets or astrology, and why should you care?

Well…… it’s all about Venus, baby…

Venus, which is currently transiting through the sign of Sagittarius showcases the feminine at her bold, fiery, optimistic, expansive best. Sagittarius is a sign that thrives on cultural diversity and building bridges between people. This is a sign that wants to explore, grow and live life large. Venus also symbolizes fashion, adornment and beauty. Put the two together and you get a bright red dress worn on a night few will forget.
But there’s more…………..On the day of and the day after the election, transiting Venus in Sagittarius was in an exact square to both Uranus and Saturn. The dress was not just bright and fiery, it was also unexpected, a little suprising and shook up the traditions and fashion “rules” of the past. This is Saturn and Uranus facing off in their ongoing year-long opposition, trying to make sense of each other and Venus.

As odd as it might seem to some, this red dress is a symbol we can work with over the course of the Obama presidency. How will the Venusian qualities of diplomacy, peacemaking, relating, art and beauty express themselves in the White House in the Sagittarius fashion of expansion, growth, cultural diversity, education and mass media? How will these things shake up (Uranus), electrify, and revolutionize our culture? How will they challenge(Saturn), confront and interact with the past , with tradition, with roots and the foundations of our country?

Though Michelle Obama may not be the actual individual who carries the Venus in Sagittarius mantle throughout the coming years, her red dress is an awakening, a flag waving, and a heads up. This is a call to pay attention to Venus, to the feminine, and to the powers of attraction, receptivity and peace. These energies aren’t coming in quietly, this is a bold Sagittarian hurrah, blunt, to the point and obvious. It will be hard to ignore, and hard to squash, even if we wanted to.