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Pisces Season: Dreaming the dream awake February 21, 2009

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piscesSun in Pisces

February 18-March 20

This is the dreaming season, where we have the opportunity to let go of everything we’ve attached ourselves to for the last year, and dissolve,  drift and allow.

Pisces asks us to be willing to let spirit take the lead, and encourages us to put our ego and personality  in the back seat to rest and rejuvenate. This time is like the  finishing school of the gods, where we learn to release everything we think is  important  and necessary and focus instead on what we are offered in the moment.  With Pisces in the spotlight now,  we are more likely to be open to receiving the gifts that spirit brings, the ones that we didn’t expect, or even necessarily ask for.

Uranus currently transiting through Pisces and Neptune making such a nice mutual reception in Aquarius, makes this normally rather gentle Piscean energy is filled with even more shocks and suprises than we might have expected

“Wake up to the mystery!” The planets are whispering, or maybe even shouting. “Stay alert to the divine”. “Listen to your deepest voice and dream your most impossible dream”.

Can you hear them calling? If not, clear your schedule, cancel some appointments and set aside  time to daydream, muse without purpose, drift without agenda and create without hope of perfection.

Pisces speaks the language of the soul, the mysterious, beautiful words which may not be precise, but are always truthful.


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